May 2017…a special offer, open house and update.

Greetings Everyone!

A quick update on The Breathe Studio as well as a promotion and open house!

Special offer…

Through May 31st, we still have our buy 4 hours get 1 free or buy 8 and get 2 free offer.

That becomes a $28 or $25 per hour cost respectively!

Use your time over a six month period. Purchase at:

Open houses…

Visit the studio on either Saturday June 3rd, 10am-Noon or Wednesday June 7th 5pm-7pm . Stop by to check it out, bring a friend and snap a few shots (no studio equipment). On the Saturday open house you will get a very good idea of the “all day glow” we get in the studio thanks to the 125’ of north and west facing windows we have. At the Wednesday open house you will get an idea of the direct late day lighting through the west windows - great for those who want to check out the shadows and dramatic possibilities. If you plan on stopping by, just rsvp to [email protected] or text 513-393-7411. (even a quick heads up just before is fine).


- We did recently do a heavy sanding on the floors and are getting ready for a stain and seal. There’s a lot less dust now!

- We do have one of the wall portions painted in all black. It’s about 12 feet wide and 10 feet high. Whether you shoot with natural light or artificial, there is some fun to be had with it. I shoot a lot of natural light B&W myself and was the inspiration behind it.

- The entry area through the front door is in the middle of getting remodeled and painted. We love to see this finally happening! Entrance to the Breathe Studio is easy - in the front door and up to the top of the stairs!

-We did have heat through the winter, so while chilly on the coldest days it really wasn’t bad at all…in the summer, the concrete based building stays coolerthan many places. On the warmest days (mid 80’s+), it does get warm and we are looking at adding a couple more fans.

Doing things a little differently…

We try to make it easy to use the studio…so our principles are:

-Buy a quantity of hours at a reduced rate and use them as needed, over a six month period.

-Client cancels? No problem, just reschedule your time without being penalized by losing it.

-Need to set up? We will open up for you 30 minutes before your start time at no charge!

-No monthly commitment. Purchase hours as needed, individually or in blocks.

-Booking is easy. We keep the schedule very open and flexible so there is plenty of opportunity for booking time.

Questions? Please do not hesitate to ask!

- Darrin

The Breathe Studio Cincinnati - Over 3000 sq feet of natural light studio space